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Home staging is a powerful tool for maximizing the appeal of your property and accelerating its sale. At atelier jorand, we offer personalized home staging services, suitable for both private clients and professional clients such as property developers and real estate agents.

home staging

Value a property for exceptional results

For private clients: Showcase your home for sale

When you want to sell your house or apartment, home staging can make all the difference. Here is how we support you in this process:

  1. Initial assessment:We carry out a detailed assessment of your property, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. We take into account your target audience and your sales objectives.

  2. Definition of a staging plan:We develop a bespoke home staging plan for your property. This plan includes recommendations for improving the layout, decoration, lighting and other key aspects.

  3. Implementation of improvements:We implement the recommended upgrades, working with carefully selected accessories, furniture and decorative elements. We create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere to arouse the interest of potential buyers.

  4. Final presentation:We highlight your property during the professional photo session and visits. We ensure that each space is impeccably presented, highlighting its strengths and potential.

For professional clients: Attract buyers with quality home staging

As a real estate professional, you know how important it is to present attractive properties to your clients. Our home staging service is aimed specifically at business clients and includes the following:

  1. Trusted partnership:We work with you as a trusted partner to showcase your real estate. We understand the importance of meeting your deadlines and your budget.

  2. Detailed assessment:We carry out a detailed assessment of each property, identifying the improvements needed to make it more attractive and salable.

  3. Professional implementation:We implement the recommended improvements with professionalism and thoroughness. We work with high-end accessories, furniture and decorative elements to create an alluring ambiance.

  4. Follow-up and adjustments:We offer you regular monitoring and adjustments if necessary to ensure that the properties remain presentable and ready to be shown to potential buyers.


Enhance your property with atelier jorand.

Whether you are a private client looking to sell your home or a real estate professional looking to attract buyers, our home staging service is designed to help you achieve exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and begin your journey to successful home staging.

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