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At atelier jorand, we are passionate about creating unique and personalized spaces that perfectly suit your needs and your lifestyle. Whether you're considering a new build, renovation or complete makeover, our team of interior design experts are here to bring your ideas to life.


Bespoke interior design to create your ideal space

Our design services

  1. Analysis and consultation:We start with an in-depth study of your expectations, your constraints and your aspirations. We listen carefully to your needs and we offer innovative and functional solutions adapted to your space.

  2. Architectural design:We develop detailed plans and technical drawings using the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software. Our team of interior designers will highlight the unique features of your space while ensuring optimal use of space.

  3. Selection of materials and finishes:We guide you in the choice of building materials, flooring, wall finishes, fixtures, sanitary equipment and more. We make sure that each selected element reflects your style and creates visual harmony.

  4. Project management :We coordinate the entire construction process, working closely with contractors, artisans and suppliers. We ensure that deadlines are met and the highest quality standards are achieved.

  5. Follow-up and support:Our team stays by your side at every stage of the project. We make regular site visits to oversee the work and ensure that the initial vision is faithfully implemented.

Your customer journey

  1. Initial assessment:During our first meeting, we evaluate your needs, your objectives and your budget. We take the time to understand your personal tastes, preferences and constraints in order to create a tailor-made plan.

  2. Conceptual design:Our team of interior designers develop creative and functional concepts for your space. We show you 3D renderings and visualizations to help you visualize the end result.

  3. Validation and planning:Once you are satisfied with the concept, we finalize the detailed plans and establish a schedule for completion. We discuss materials, finishes and all the technical details.

  4. Realization and construction:Our experts oversee every stage of construction. We work closely with artisans and contractors to ensure flawless execution of the project.

  5. Finalization and delivery:Once the work is complete, we carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that everything meets your expectations. We hand you the keys to your new space, ready to be enjoyed.

Contact us today.

Ready to transform your space into an inspiring and functional place? Contact us today to discuss your interior design project. Our dedicated team is ready to support you every step of the way, from design to completion. Trust atelier jorand to create the space of your dreams.

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