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At atelier jorand, we understand the importance of a well-organized interior to promote well-being and serenity. Our home organization service aims to help you find harmony in your living space, by optimizing storage, maximizing the use of space and creating practical and aesthetic solutions.

Home organization

Find harmony in your home

Our approach to the organization

When you use our home organization services, you benefit from a personalized and attentive approach. This is how we work:

  1. Assessment of your needs:We start by understanding your specific organizational needs. Whether it is to optimize your dressing room, tidy up your kitchen or reorganize your workspace, we evaluate your expectations and your objectives.

  2. Space analysis:Our team of experts analyzes your interior, taking into account its layout, its structure and your lifestyle. We identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

  3. Creation of tailor-made solutions:We design custom organization solutions to suit your needs and lifestyle. Whether using modular storage systems, stylish storage boxes or clever solutions, we help you optimize every space.

  4. Development of an action plan:We establish a detailed action plan for the organization of your space. This plan includes the steps to follow, the estimated timelines and the resources needed.

  5. Implementation and monitoring:Our competent team implements the agreed organizational solutions. We make sure that each item is perfectly stored, labeled and highlighted. We also offer you a personalized follow-up to ensure that the organization lasts over time.


Your journey to a harmonious interior

  1. Initial consultation:We organize an initial consultation to understand your organizational needs and discuss your expectations. We listen to your concerns and guide you through the process.

  2. Development of the organization plan:We develop a personalized organization plan that meets your specific needs. This plan is designed to maximize space, optimize storage and create a balanced atmosphere in your interior.

  3. Implementation of solutions:We implement the agreed organizational solutions, working meticulously and professionally. Each element is carefully placed to bring functionality and aesthetics to your space. Our professional storage team comes to your home, La Côte & Geneva region, to help you with your storage, the Marie Kondo way.

  4. Follow-up and adjustments:We provide regular monitoring to ensure that the organization remains efficient and adapted to your changing needs. We make the necessary adjustments to maintain order and harmony.


Reveal the potential of your interior.


Opt for our home organization service and discover how an organized interior can transform your daily life. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and begin your journey to a harmonious interior.

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