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Let atelier jorand give an artistic dimension to your interior thanks to our art selection service. We believe that art is a reflection of the personality and soul of a space, and we are committed to helping you find the unique pieces that will make your interior vibrate.

The selection of works of art

The essence of your space

Our artistic approach

At atelier jorand, we understand the importance of a thoughtful and harmonious selection of artwork. Our artistic approach is based on the following principles:

  1. Listening and understanding:We take the time to get to know you, to listen to your tastes, your preferences and your aspirations. We understand your vision and the atmosphere you want to create in your space.

  2. Space analysis:We carefully analyze your interior, taking into account its architecture, its layout and its luminosity. We identify key areas where artwork will have the most visual and emotional impact.

  3. In-depth research:Our team of experts then embark on an in-depth search to unearth unique and captivating works of art. We collaborate with emerging artists, renowned galleries and auction houses to find the treasures that match your aesthetic.

  4. Personalized curatorship:We create a collection of artwork just for you, making sure it matches your space, colors and style. Each piece is carefully selected to create a striking visual composition and tell a unique story.

  5. Presentation and integration:We offer you a detailed presentation of our selection, highlighting the artists, the techniques used and the stories behind each work. We support you in integrating these pieces of art into your interior, taking into account lighting, layout and enhancement details.


Your artistic journey

  1. First meeting:We organize a first meeting to discuss your artistic aspirations, your preferences and your budget. We immerse ourselves in your universe to create a selection that suits you.

  2. Presentation of the collection:We present to you our collection of carefully selected works of art. We guide you through each piece, revealing the stories and emotions they evoke.

  3. Choice and acquisition:You choose the works that delight you and we accompany you in the acquisition process, advising you on the logistical and financial aspects.

  4. Installation and development:We take care of the installation of the works of art in your space, ensuring that they are highlighted in an optimal way. Each piece finds its ideal place to create a unique visual experience.


contact ustoday: Turn your home into an art gallery

Find out how Atelier Jorand's selection of works of art can transform your space into a veritable art gallery. Contact us today to make an appointment and explore the captivating world of art in your home.

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