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5 tips for a brighter interior

As we all know, going into a dark house is no fun! You feel locked in, uncomfortable... But it's a problem that can be easily solved with a few tricks.

A well-lit home creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Light can transform the atmosphere of a room, giving it a feeling of space and freshness. If you're looking to maximise natural light in your home, here are a few simple and effective tips :

1 | Installing skylights and knocking down walls

A closed kitchen, a room with no windows... That's where your glass roof should be. It's also a good idea if you don't want to completely open up the room to avoid smells or noise.

A glass roof doesn't have to mean a huge budget. In fact, it's an element that you can easily create yourself using just a few materials.

You'll need wooden battens, sheets of thin Plexiglas and screws! You can, of course, paint the structure to suit your tastes: black, white, wood, beige...

Alternatively, you can always find ready-made glass roof packages or choose to have one made to measure ! It all depends on your budget and your DIY skills.

2 | Choosing the right lighting

It seems obvious, but most people don't know how to choose their lights and bulbs properly !

Firstly, make sure you choose light fittings that direct the light correctly. Spotlights direct light in a linear fashion towards the chosen direction, whereas rattan lampshades diffuse light in a subdued way and spread it out towards the floor ! So, if you're short of light in your home, try to find light fittings that don't stifle the light from your bulbs.

Speaking of light bulbs... When you don't know anything about bulbs, you tend to simply choose one that doesn't consume a lot of energy and isn't too expensive. The problem is that to get good light levels in your rooms, you need to look at the Lumens.

The more lumens, the brighter the bulb !

For example, for a living room, we recommend at least 1500 lumens, so you can either have a single light point and use a single 1500 lumen bulb, or a double luminaire with two bulbs of 750 lumens each, or three bulbs of 500 lumens each, etc...

What's more, the colour of the bulb is very important! It should be cold white... No, that's too hospital-like, warm white... It's like lighting yourself with a candle ! The best colour to see clearly is neutral white between 3000°K and 5000°K.

3 | Use mirrors to reflect light

Placing mirrors close to your light source can help reflect it around the room. We therefore recommend large mirrors ! You can even have fun creating a wall decoration using mirrors and frames. What's more, white helps to reflect light even more, so a combination of white walls and mirrors is perfect for your interior !

On top of all that, mirrors give an impression of grandeur, so you can kill two birds with one stone by improving visibility and the feeling of space.

4 | Choose light colours

Light colours on walls, furniture and textiles reflect light and give an impression of lightness. Choose whites, creams and pastels to visually enlarge the space.

5 | Choose reflective materials

Materials such as glass, metal and shiny surfaces reflect light, creating a brighter atmosphere. Incorporate them into your décor with mirrors, glass objects or metal accessories.

By following these simple tips, you can transform your home into a bright and inviting space. Let in natural light and play with light-reflecting and light-diffusing elements to create a fresh, bright atmosphere.

See you soon,

Team atelier jorand

interior design & decoration in Nyon, La Côte, Geneva & Valais.

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